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Commercial kitchen and so much more

Whether your food business could use a truck commissary, ghost kitchen, production space, or even a bottling line, it’s worth your while to talk with us and see how we can help you grow.

Expand Your Network

You’ll meet more customers, more retail buyers, and more event holders by becoming an ECDI Food Fort member than you ever would going it alone.

Save Time

Avoid most of the growing pains of food service businesses with our mentorship guidance.

Save Money

Rent space as needed at a cost that makes sense for young food service businesses.

Member Steps

Membership Benefits

Grow your food and beverage business in a supportive environment. Find cost-effective resources to bring your culinary dreams alive and scale as you tantalize more tastebuds. 

Food Fort Facility Includes

Located in Columbus

  • Dry, cold, and frozen storage

  • Three rentable kitchen spaces

  • Two prep spaces

  • Dish washing areas

  • Ice on site

  • Mobile cart and truck storage

    • Complete with water and electricity

    • Gated and monitored

    • Discounted propane

Incubation Services (offered statewide) 

  • Wrap-around support for a growing business:

    • One-on-one advisory consulting

    • Business model scaling

    • Liaising with regulatory agencies

  • Access to responsible, affordable loan capital

  • Industry certification courses

  • Procurement opportunities

  • Industry-specific curricula and courses

Some of the ways members leverage the Food Fort

  • Expand or start takeout services

  • Expand current capacity

  • Food truck commissary & parking

  • Takeout-only business model

  • Catering/food truck/pop-up prep kitchen

  • Small-scale packaged food/drink items manufacturing

  • eCommerce/Delivery Prep & Shipping

  • Proof-of-Concept Facilities

  • Ghost Kitchens

  • Bakery

  • Bottling line facility

  • Coffee roasting, brewing, and bottling

Steps to Becoming a Member

1. Complete membership application


2. 1:1 consultation with a Food Business Specialist and tour the facility


3. Follow up meeting to discuss your business needs more in depth


4. Potential member will complete Servsafe managers training

5. Meet to provide documentation and confirm licensing needs


6. Onboarding Session


7. Complete your licensing inspection with the appropriate governing body


8. Move equipment in and prepare to incubate your business

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