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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Rental Equipment
    1 Meat Slicer 1 Induction Burner 1 Label Gun 2 8 QT Kitchen Aids Mixers 1 Breville Food Processor 2 Large Cambro Hot Box- 6 pan 1 Small Cambro Hot Box 1 Small Digital 20LB Scales 1 Small Digital 10LB Scales 1 Small Digital 11LB Scales 1 Larger Digital Scale 30lbs 1 Immersion Blender. Length of stem 9in
  • In Storage/Onsite Equipment
    1 Lockwood Proofer 1 Winton Industry Cvap Proofer
  • Large Kitchen Equipment
    1 Vulcan Double Stack Oven 1 Vulcan Grill 32Lx20W 1 Tilt Skillet 25 Gal 1 Six burner Range 1 Two Door Reach in cooler Steam kettle qt
  • Bakery Kitchen Equipment
    1 Vulcan Double Stack Oven 1 Sentinel Proofer 1 HM 2000 Proofer 1 Large Mixer 60 qt 1 Medium Mixer 30qt
  • Facility Equipment
    1 Large Walk-in Cooler 1 Small Walk-in Cooler 1 Small Walk-in Freezer 2 Hoshizaki Three Door Stainless Steel Reach-in Freezer
  • Small Kitchen Equipment
    1 Duke Double Stack Over 1 Six burner Range 1 Hoshizaki Stainless Steel Reach-in Cooler
  • When can I be onboarded? Is there a waitlist?
    Space at the Food Fort is based on availability. Our waitlist is constantly changing, with onboarding based on prospective member’s needs and how we can accommodate them.
  • How much storage do I get?
    Member storage is based on need and availability. While we are limited by the walls of our facility, you can grow and shrink your storage space as need be. You will only pay for the storage space that is right for you.
  • Can I use Food Fort for a one-time event?
    Food Fort does not allow one time use in most cases due to regulation and licensing concerns.
  • What is the cost of membership?
    The base cost for all memberships is $150 annually. Additionally, hourly kitchen usage is charged daily and storage fees (dry, cooler, freezer, etc.) and truck parking are billed monthly.
  • Can I bring my own refrigerator?
    Our facility has walk-in cold storage and limited freezer storage available. You may bring in your own freezer or refrigerator, but you must consult with us beforehand to ensure proper power supply and size.
  • What do I need to bring?
    The Food Fort provides most essential pieces of commercial equipment, but you will need to provide all of your own food, smallwares, trays, pots pans, and specialty equipment needed for your business. Food Fort will assist in finding the right vendors for the items you need as well as consult on best practices to ensure efficient operations.
  • What other services are available to members besides the physical facilities?
    Food Fort management meets with each member to coach and guide their businesses. In addition to outlining an incubation plan for each member, we offer a variety of incubation services and courses that help excel your business in order to meet the goals each member sets for themselves.
  • What are the facility hours?
    Food Fort Members have 24/7 access to the facilities and equipment. Kitchen space is available on a first-come first-serve booking system.
  • How long is the membership term?
    Memberships are renewed on an annual basis, and members are required to sign a license agreement for use of the facility and services. Our license agreements are continuous, and we require 30 days’ notice before termination by either Food Fort or the member.
  • What licensing do I need for my business?
    Every food business is unique. While we can certainly help advise, it is best to contact your local health department’s division of food safety to be certain. The Food Fort holds a Risk level 4 license with the Columbus Public Health. Food Fort is also a registered warehouse and production facility with the Ohio Department of Agriculture, though each business may require individual licenses.
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